Apparently, the US military are io9 readers - How else to explain the fact that, right after we post about the fictional next generation against terrorism and Transformers, we get to tell you that the real-life next generation of the War On Terror involves the US using tranforming robots?

According to a report in the Scotland on Sunday newspaper,

The US military has signed a £1.6m deal with a technology firm to design robots which are intelligent enough to work out how to wiggle through small spaces to reach their target... They want scientists to come up with a design for a tiny robot able to move under its own power and change shape so it can get through gaps less than half an inch wide.

The US administration has not said what it wants the robot to do but its specification says: "Often the only available points of entry are small openings in buildings, walls, under doors, etc. In these cases, a robot must be soft enough to squeeze or traverse through small openings, yet large enough to carry an operationally meaningful payload."

We've already asked about the moral implication of robot combatants, but now that we're heading towards real life versions of Optimus Prime, do we have to consider the awesome implications as well?—