Wondering what to do with yourself with vacation coming up and all your favorite shows off-air until September? Those ever-creative folks who come up with Lost have the answer for you: The Lost Book Club. That's right, now Sayid, Jack and Kate have left the island, why shouldn't they make an attempt to become the next Oprah?

The Book Club - running through the Lost section of ABC's website - is the creation of executive producers Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse, who explain why they came up with the idea in a friendly, fireside, letter-to-the-reader:

Over the first four seasons of LOST we've managed to incorporate more than 40 books into the show. For the first time, we've catalogued a list of books available in audio form that relate in some way to LOST. Some are being read by our characters, such as Sawyer, or are just sitting on shelves in episodes of the show; others connect with various themes of the series.

We hope you'll join our informal Lost Book Club. To paraphrase one of our heroes, Stephen King, to be a writer one must first be a reader. We find ourselves constantly striving for even a small measure of the accomplishment of what all these authors have achieved in their books. Pick up any of them and experience the richness of storytelling, character, and theme, and then allow your imagination to connect all that back into our show.

We can't promise you any of these books will lead you to answers about LOST, but we can promise you'll be enriched for having read them.

The list of books in the club includes title, author, synopsis and "relevance"... which ranges from the, well, relevant (Season four's episode "The Constant" "bears some resemblance to the 'unstuck in time' theme" of Slaughterhouse Five) to the somewhat less so (Valis gets a mention because "Locke offers it to Ben"). You can view books by what position they hold to the show's mythology ("Dialogue", "Background" and "Show Theme"), and join in discussions with other fans about the books.


That's all well and good, but still... A Book Club? I feel like we're a year away from the official Lost cereal at this point; it'll come with a note from Damon and Carlton that notes that it won't help you understand the show, but they can promise you that it's mmm mmm mmm delish.

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