If you thought it was disturbing to watch humans kicking around the cute robot Big Dog, then you might want to avoid ever looking at a medical robot. The old medical dummy that you could practice CPR on has become so sophisticated that it fits the definition of robot - these machines can respond to pain, bleed, and cry. They can register minute gestures and touches to see if you are checking the right areas for injury. And they all look terribly unhappy, as you can see in these images, below, that are part of today's Oobject gallery of medical manikins.

This face is being used by people practicing shoving a nasal endoscope, well, up your nose and down your throat.

Here is a family of obese manikins, which are used for teaching medical professionals how to deal with people whose organs are covered in a bigger layer of fat than the average medical manikin is.

This is by far the saddest and most disturbing of the manikins. This is a geriatric patient manikin, who looks totally miserable. Maybe that's because it has two sets of genitals that you can ram into its body cavity via a huge metal rod. I guess the idea is that when you are elderly, there are no differences between the two sexes other than those interchangeable genitals? That just seems weird to me.

There are a ton more strange and delightful images at Oobject. Top image by Tomer Ganihar.

Medical Manikins [Oobject]