Crappiest cop scenario in a giant, 24-hour food riot: Koreans are seriously pissed off that their government has lifted the ban on importing U.S. beef. Who knows what goes into U.S. beef, anyway? Ranchers feed them everything from penicillin and bubblegum, to kibble made of other cows. Plus, U.S. screening for mad cow disease is just not up to the Korean standards. Koreans freaked out by the idea of buying U.S. beef started rioting Thursday night after the ban was lifted, and just never stopped. Riot cops sent to deal with the nighttime riots you can see in the top picture (below) had to work around the clock, which led to them sleeping in shifts (bottom picture). When science fiction authors write about police state dystopias and food riots, they never seem to take into account what the cops do when they're having to enforce state controls 24-hours a day. Now we know. They sleep on the street, in full gear, with cement as a mattress. Photos via Getty.

Beef Around the Clock [via Foreign Policy Passport Blog]