A UFO Lands in Downtown Nanning The language of UFOs is universal. That's why, when you travel across countries and continents, you'll always find structures that look like UFOs. More importantly, you'll find spaceship-esque buildings that somebody out there has called a UFO on Flickr. In other words: The only thing more universal than the UFO is the compulsion to call any freaky round building a UFO. Above, you can see a UFO that landed in the middle of a city in Nanning, China — captured on film by Peigianlong. Want to see more UFOs from around the world? Check out our collection.

Down in Rio, Brazil, the flying saucers look a little inverted but are still sleek and lovely.

A UFO Lands in Downtown Nanning Piatus snapped this shot.


In Spain, meanwhile, this glorious building looks just like a landed UFO, according to photographer Dags1974.

And of course people in Florida, United States, have their own special take on the UFO. Just crash it into a building.


A UFO Lands in Downtown Nanning Tony the Misfit took this one. Some things aren't entirely universal.