It's apparently a good thing that Russell T. Davies is stepping down from his Doctor Who duties if his confusion over the return of a familiar character is anything to go by. Who is this unfamiliar yet familiar face? Potential spoilers for those who haven't been paying attention to what they've seen on the SciFi Channel so far.

Davies, the newly-NYT-friendly outgoing producer of the BBC's prime time(-traveling) franchise, showed his indecision about bringing Rose Tyler back during an interview with the Radio Times, initially describing her as

tougher, more independent... [she] might, at times, seem a little harder

before saying

It's still the same Rose Tyler. I didn't bring her back in order to reinvent her!

Well, which is it, Russell? A more independent kick-ass Rose, or the one we knew before... who was, admittedly, pretty kick-ass and independent in the first place? More importantly, if she is harder and tougher because of her experiences, am I the only person who feels like this is a rerun of Ace's character arc from the Doctor Who "New Adventure" novels?

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