Finally, Batman unleashes some bat-fury on The Dark Knight's murderous clown. All the hype recently has been about the Christopher Nolan movie's villains, but in one picture we're reminded that this movie is called The Dark Knight for a reason - KA-POW! Click through to see more new bat-pictures including the Joker leaving his calling card and more mobsters. Spoilers ahead.

I'm still intrigued as to why they cast Eric Roberts as Salvatore Maroni, I hope he can pull it off because he's kind of pivotal in creating Two Face. Also take a look at the exploding car and all of the playing cards that appear to be flying out of it - nice touch.


In other bat-news The Dark Knight is already selling tickets to the IMAX screenings of the movie. I still can't believe Nolan wanted to do this in IMAX, it just has seizure written all over it. The IMAX movie opens July 18 and will be showing across the country.

And finally Anthony Michael Hall denied being linked to The Riddler in any way. Explaining that, "people thought I was playing the Riddler, that I had a cooler role than I actually did." Still his character Mike Engel, the reporter with an axe to grind for Batman sounds pretty good too, especially since he's rumored to get laid out by Joker for almost exposing Bruce Wayne's secret before the Joker can get to him.