New high school student Aki pairs up with her schoolmate lover and the swim team, to take down an evil madman who's injecting their school with a virus that turns everyone into blood-thirsty killing machines. Why is the girls' swim team the only group who can beat the virus? Because the pool water is the cure. The Girls Rebel Force of Competitive Swimmers is out on DVD in Hong Kong, and trickling into video stores around the globe. Click through for more details and full poster pic.

How is Aki able to stop this high-school marauder virus from spreading nation-wide, you may be asking yourself? Well it would appear that Aki has been secretly trained as an assassin by the same doctor that's torturing her school mates. So she's got all the right moves and the know-how to take him down.


The low-budget film weaves together all the reason I love hokey D-movies. It's got gratuitous nudity, sexually curious youth, gore, loads of blood and a ridiculous premise. The Girls' Rebel Force of Competitive Swimmers is so worth a rental, at the very least for the moment where all the girls share soup via mouth-to-mouth. [Twitch]