Since we were just talking the other day about how intelligent design theory has been creeping into popular culture via movies like The Happening, it's only fitting that we supply you with an antidote to such culture. Amorphia Apparel, known throughout the galaxy for their absurdist tees devoted to mad science and runaway pterodactyls (see below for a gallery), has just created a special line of tees for the ID cause. In the pro-ID movie Expelled, Ben Stein urged people to "teach the controversy" which is ID. These shirts urge you to teach all kinds of controversies, such as UFOs building the pyramids (my fave) and Atlantis existing under the ocean. Check out more goodness from Amorphia below.

Holy crap do I ever love that one with the scientist hugging the nuke plant. But what do I love more? Two of the tees below. First, I adore the one that says "fucking pterodactyls," a sentiment I experience practically every time Rodan steals my Prius. And the ear mouse one. Just because I've always wanted to grow an extra ear on my cat. I don't think she'd mind.


There are a lot more where these came from, including a bunch more "teach the controversy" ones (including unicorns!). And they're priced pretty reasonably, too.

Amorphia Apparel [official site]