New set pics from X-Men Origins: Wolverine are out, with Wolverine's hairy mug all done up in World War II gear. We all know that Wolverine's mutant regenerating powers make it almost impossible to tell how old he is. But too often his sexy leather jackets and witty banter make me forget that this mutant has been around the block. Wolverine spoiler talk and more set photos after the jump.

We already know that this Wolverine movie is going to explain what happened to some of Logan's missing memory. We'll also get to see his tumultuous relationship with Victor Creed or Sabertooth (Liev Schreiber) who have both been seen in army fatigues, follows them all the way to the Weapon X program (which didn't happen until the cold war so that gives us a lot of Wolverine's past to cover). And of course, readers of the comics already know that Wolverine was in a Concentration Camp. But what I'm most interested in is Logan's love Silver Fox (Lynn Collins), because that's where it really goes down between these two guys, especially if Sabertooth kills her on Logan's birthday in the movie. [Flickr via Latino Review]