Sexual innuendo flies in the new Futurama, which takes the old saying, "beast with two backs," to a whole new inter-planetary level. But it's not just alien mating that's giving the new Futurama straight-to-DVD release its extra-dirty story line — we also get Calculon's robot member, loads of cleavage from the ladies, more snoo-snoo, and random hookups with new and even more idiotic partners. Click through for more pictures and the introduction of the coffee enema robot from the second of the four straight-to-DVD Futurama movies.

Picking up almost immediately where Bender's Big Score left off, the Planet Express crew is still bewildered and worried about the rip in space caused by Bender in the previous film. It's been over a month and there's still no sign of what will happen (and citizens are getting tired of pointing in the air and screaming). Taking matters into their own hands, Professor Farnsworth's Planet Express crew battles his younger nemesis, Professor Wernstrom's team, in a game of Death Ball for the right to explore the anomaly. Planet Express wins and gets first dibs.

But before we explore the tear in the universe, Backs gives us an update on everyone's love life. Fry used the old, "the world's going to end," line to bed his latest love interest, Colleen, and now they're dating. It's frustrating that Leela isn't upset by Fry's new lady friend as Futurama fans have cheered for these two together for ages, but it probably would have crowded the story. As it turns out Colleen lives with 4 other boyfriends, each from a different race or culture, but still wants Fry to move in and join the relationship. But to quote Dr. Zoidberg, "If there's a delicious cake, isn't it better to have one slice than none at all? Even if four other guys eat the four other slices and they're all thrusting their sweaty naked bodies against the cake?" Alas, sharing proves too much for Fry and he sadly leaves the harem, heartbroken and sad.

In happier couple news Kif asks Amy to be his Fonfon Ru, or wife. The whole gang then heads to Kif's home planet (Amphibious 9) for the wedding and the Kim's finally get to meet Kif's amphibious family even though they've evolved into swarms of flying hook worms.


But soon all of our attention is turned space-wards as large pink tentacles begin to pour out of the universe tear and latch on to every human and alien species. Of course once attached everyone suddenly blissful and loves the Tentacle, especially Fry who becomes the Pope of the new "tentacle religion." Unfortunately, it's later discovered that this is just one big tentacled beasts way of having his way with the galaxy. Everyone hooked by a tentacle is actually getting sexed up by the big beast. But as it turns out, Yivo, the name of the beast voiced by David Cross, isn't that bad of a guy. And in it's defense our universe did "dress very provocatively."

Fry's ex-girlfriend and now new faith leaves no time for robots and a dejected Bender fills his time stalking his Soap Opera robot hero, Calculon, and discovers that he is the president of the infamous League of Robots. Bender is then initiated into the human-hating society after a series drinking tests and trails.

The Futurama characters deal with their one night stand with the massive, tentacled beast in a totally out-of-left-field way. But without revealing too much, let's just say that the billion of species across the universe start to have feeling for Yivo.

Over all Beast is great for serious Futurama fans. All the great random characters of Futurama past make cameos, including Pazuzu, the Amazons and Robot Satan. As part of a series of releases it's great chapter. Even Yivo and its relationship with the entire galaxy was funny. It's brazenly clear that the writers missed talking about sex and breasts in the regular series, because the whole movie is one giant sex joke (hello mattress island), but it doesn't ever push too hard. So I say let the sex jokes fly. My inner fan-girl still hopes for more Leela and Fry hook ups from days of Futurama past. My only complaint is there wasn't enough Zoidberg, but then again is there ever? There was plenty of Zapp Branigan and Coffee Enema Robot: "warning the enema you're about to enjoy is extremely hot."


Backs is great for fans, but you might want to start with the first chapter for you Futurama virgins.