What did we learn at New York Comic-Con? So many deep and important lessons... like the fact that Marvel Comics' invasion of shape-shifting green alien Skrulls goes even further than we thought, engulfing even figures from Norse mythology and Peter Parker's Aunt May. We found out that our television idols can grow and change along with us — and even X-Files' Mulder and Scully can learn SMS slang. (I know, stfu!) We found out that even alien super-cops like the Green Lantern Corps. should maybe stay away from a place called Sector 666. More lessons from NYCC in our complete round-up, under the jump.

Sigourney Weaver's role in Wall-E is an interesting reversal of her classic role in Aliens. And meanwhile Hellboy 2 will feature more strange creatures than ever — but no three-headed dog, alas.

And Batman will be defeated more utterly than he's ever been (since Knightfall and The Cult, anyway) in Grant Morrison's Batman, R.I.P. And we'll see Frankenstein (from his Seven Soldiers Of Victory series) again in Final Crisis! And speaking of Batman, a new trailer for The Dark Knight shows the Joker imposing much-needed discipline on those unruly Gotham City crooks.

Frank Miller explained how he tried to translate Will Eisner's vision to a modern movie for The Spirit... and then wound up just making a SIn City film instead. The Incredible Hulk features a lot of really cringe-making injection scenes, with really huge needles. And the Star Wars: Clone Wars animated series will feature "vertical" battle scenes, which sounds great even if I'm not sure what it means.

We learned more about the reason for Tory's tears on Battlestar Galactica — and gleaned more details about the show from our secret Cylons. And an incredibly goofy-sounding explanation of our hero Wesley's superpowers was cut from Wanted, the not-quite-adaptation of Mark Millar's graphic novel about super-assassins.