Will A New President Give Us Better Scifi?

Dave Howe is taking over the reins as president of the Sci Fi Channel from Bonnie "I Cancelled Farscape" Hammer, and he has plans to grow the channel into a "lifestyle" brand. It's not yet clear what this means, but be prepared for things like a clothing line, breakfast cereal, women's fragrance, and neural implants. He also wants Universal to create a Sci Fi Channel movie label, which would be fine with us. In fact, we wonder if it's just a matter of time before there's a Battlestar Galactica big-screen movie. However, he also wants to have a lot more "reality" shows like Ghost Hunters, to which we collectively boo. Spin off a "Supernatural" Channel and you can put that spooky bunk on there. In the meantime, more death rays, aliens, and robots, please. [Variety]