Good morning and get ready for maximum spoilage. We have some pretty major spoilers about Batman:The Dark Knight. We also learn more about CJ7, the new movie from Stephen Chow (Kung Fu Hustle) and find out an important detail about Halo. Oh, and there are 10 new pictures from next week's Sarah Connor Chronicles. Don't click the link unless you're willing to learn the forbidden truth.


  • Cilian Murphy's Scarecrow will be back in The Dark Knight, and we'll get to meet Barbara Gordon, aka Batgirl. Also, there will be at least one fake Batman, as we reported a while back. The movie also includes Boss Maroni, the crimelord who scars Harvey Dent into becoming Two-Face in the comics. And Harvey's journey is the real backbone of the movie. [IESB, Empire]
  • The live-action Dragonball movie is filming in Mexico, and HoyCinema has a set report and some ultra-blurry photos. Nothing too exciting, but you can glimpse some hot-pink costumes and a fight scene being shot. [HoyCinema, via IESB]
  • A few new details about Stephen Chow's CJ7 (plus that pic we posted a month ago): Even though Chow's character is a poor laborer, he saves up to send his son to a private school. When the son brings his new alien "pet" to school, chaos ensues. [Slashfilm]
  • Tons of people saw Cloverfield last night, so it's going to be pretty easy to find spoilery write-ups. Here's one. And here. And here.
  • Everything comes together in the Feb. 2 Flash Gordon: Terek the deviate launches a revolution, Aura confronts Ming about her bloodline, Ming orders Rankol's execution for being a celetroph, and Flash makes a "shocking discovery." Oh and we meet a Queen of Mongo, who probably wears really cute slit skirts. [SpoilerTV]
  • The Master Chief will be a "supporting character" in the Halo movie, says a screenwriter. [CHUD]
  • If you really want to be the sort of person who reads text-based summaries of movie trailers, here's someone's synopsis of the new Star Trek teaser trailer. [Slashfilm]
  • Episode 11 of Torchwood season two will be a super-dark story in which Gwen's old police colleague Andy asks her help in solving a missing-children case. [SyFyPortal]
  • Jericho season two will reveal more about Jake's five years in Iraq, including an ugly secret that comes back to haunt him. Also, someone unwelcome comes back (I'm guessing Emily's dad, the bandit who helped Jericho take out New Bern's mortars) and an important person visits the town. Emily learns about an important change that affects America's future, and Eric gets an awesome job offer. [Ask Ausiello]
  • Here are those new promo pics for next week's Sarah Connor Chronicles. Sarah begins investigating a possible threat, involving a guy named Andy, while a Dr. Fleming does an experiment for the newly reassembled evil Terminator. [SpoilerTV]