Weather Engineers Remove CO2 From Atmosphere, Stop Global Warming

Some Harvard scientists suggest that we could turn back the clock on global warming by sucking CO2 out of the air and de-acidifying the oceans.

Says weather engineer Kurt Zenz House:

The technology involves selectively removing acid from the ocean in a way that might enable us to turn back the clock on global warming — removing CO2 directly from the atmosphere while simultaneously limiting the rate at which man-made CO2 emissions are acidifying the ocean Essentially, our technology dramatically accelerates a cleaning process that Nature herself uses for greenhouse gas accumulation.
These kinds of massive geo-engineering projects are becoming more and more popular as solutions to the geo-engineering project, known as global warming, which we've been undertaking without realizing it for decades. Maybe the best way to reverse climate change is to treat the Earth as a massive system that we can hack. No "hack the planet" jokes, please. Image courtesy of Mikefl99 .

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