Famous names: Mark Waid, Alex Ross

Crunchy goodness: 3


Spinoffs/Sequels/Copycats: In 1999, DC published the out-of-continuity The Kingdom, which forms a prequel and sequel to Kingdom Come, in which a villain named Gog travels through time and kills Superman over and over. The Kingdom introduced the concept of "hypertime," which allowed the DC Universe to have alternate universes again — until every other writer ignored it.

Deja vu: Kingdom Come owes a lot of its sheen to its painted artwork by Alex Ross, who also did the art for Marvels. And it features a central "everyman" character, Norman McCay, just as Marvels had "everyman" photographer Phil Sheldon.

Most painfully dated moment: Not only does Ross' painted art look less special than it did in 1996, but also the whole "superheroes are getting too mean and violent, waah" sermon feels a bit old hat at this point.


Ten Years Later: Reflecting On "KINGDOM COME" With Alex Ross by Jonah Weiland