Famous names: Leiji Matsumoto, Billy West, Toshio Matsuda, Noburo Ishigura

Crunchy goodness: 2


Spinoffs/Sequels/Copycats: A couple of 1990s sequels, including Yamato 2520. Plus a live-action U.S. remake has been rumored for years.

Elevator pitch: It's Yellow Submarine — in space!

The shit: Desslok, the evil ruler of the Gamilons, is the sexiest villain in the universe, bar none. For one thing, he's bright blue with orange hair. In his finest moment, he surrounds the Yamato with space mines and then dares its captain to fire the Yamato's super-powerful wave-motion gun. "I've been most anxious to see what this great weapon of yours can do," he purrs in his creamy alto tones. "So fire the gun!"


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