Famous names: Bill Mumy, Angela Cartwright, Jonathan Harris, Mark Goddard, Marta Kristen, Irwin Allen

Crunchy goodness: 1


Spinoffs/Sequels/Copycats: A 1998 movie, which substituted wacky breastplates for the original's campy charm.

Most painfully dated moment: The cheesy-ass robot running around shouting "Danger! Danger!", and Dr. Smith's overblown alliterative putdowns of the robot, such as "Bulbous bumpkin" and "Silly sausage." (Really. For a complete list, go to http://www.bellaonline.com/articles/art3316.asp.)

Bang for your buck: The show spent $600,000 on its pilot film and $400,000 per episode, making it the most expensive science fiction show until Space:1999 (and much more expensive than Star Trek.) Costly effects included a two-foot spaceship model flying over a model landscape, and an alien costume made of palm bark. At least the robot, reused from Forbidden Planet, came cheap.


Lost In Space - The Classic Series