Don't dismiss DC's Injustice: Gods Among Us as a simple tie-in to the fighting videogame. It's an excellent Elseworlds tale about the Joker tricking Superman into murdering Lois Lane, and the grief-stricken Superman killing the Joker in vengeance — which leads Superman to decide he can no longer afford to be merciful, which in turn tears the DC universe apart

Injustice is a shockingly thoughtful look at justice, the uneasy balance between freedom and safety, and where the lines of right and wrong should be drawn. It makes a great companion piece to the Man of steel DVD, if nothing else. Plus, the Valiant universe goes to war, sexy clowns go on the run, Chris Claremont returns to the X-Men and more, all in this week's comics!

New Issues

Dark Horse:


• Clown Fatale #1: "Sexy female clowns are mistaken for contract killers and abandon their shabby traveling circus for a world of violence and cruelty-with clown makeup. * Uh-huh.

• SHOOT First #2: The SHOOT team heads to Egypt to take on a terrorist group and the Egyptian divinity working for them.


Other releases: Abe Sapien #7, Bloodhound: Crowbar Medicine #2, Resident Alien: Suicide Blonde #3, Shaolin Cowboy #2, Star Wars #11, X #7.


• Injustice: Gods Among Us Annual #1: Busy saving the world from itself, Superman asks Lobo to hunt down the super-powered Harley Quinn.

• Forever Evil: Arkham War #2: As the war between Arkham's ex-inmates and Blackgate's former prisoners rages on, Bane decides to take control of Gotham for himself.

• Suicide Squad #25: Meet the Reverse Suicide Squad!

Other releases: Astro City #6, Batgirl #25, Batman #25, Batman: Arkham Unhinged #20, Batman: Lil' Gotham #8, Coffin Hill #2, Constantine #8, Federal Bureau of Physics #5, Green Lantern Corps #25, Justice League of America #9. Katana #9, Nightwing #25, Smallville Season 11 #19, Superboy #25, Superman/Wonder Woman #2, Vibe #9, World's Finest #17.


The Wraith: Welcome to Christmasland #1: Joe Hill returns to the nightmarish world of Christmasland, and the madman who rules there.

• TMNT Color Classics #1: A picnic suddenly turns into a race to stop World War III.

Other releases: Doctor Who: Prisoners of Time #11, GI Joe #10, GI Joe: A Real American Hero #196, Mars Attacks Judge Dredd #3, My Little Pony Art Gallery, My Little Pony: Spike #9, The Other Dead #3, Popeye Classics #16, The Rocketeer/The Spirit: Pulp Friction #3, Star Trek: Khan #2, Transformers Prime: Beast Hunters #7, Triple Helix #2.


• Manifest Destiny #1: During their expedition of the Louisiana Purchase, Lewis and Clark discover the monsters roaming the North American frontier.

• Umbral #1: A thief witnesses the fantastic murder of a royal family, only to discover ancient legends are true — but he's the only one who realizes it.

Other releases: Bounce #7, Manhattan Projects #16, Rocket Girl #2, Three #2, The Walking Dead #116.


• X-Men Gold #1: Chris Claremont returns to the X-Men for an epic tale to commemorate the mutants' 50th anniversary.

• Cataclysm: Ultimate Spider-Man #1: Miles Morales has accomplished a lot, but what can he possibly do against Galactus?

• Marvel Knights: X-Men #1: Wolverine, Rogiue and Kitty Pryde try to rescue mutants from a small town serial killer — but the killer's secret lies somewhere in their past.

Other releases: All-New X-Men #18, Avengers Arena #17, Captain America: Living Legend #3, Deadpool #19, Fearless Defenders #11, Marvel Universe: Avengers Assemble #2, Savage Wolverine #11, Superior Foes of Spider-Man #5, Superior Spider-Man #21, Thor: God of Thunder #15, Wolverine #11.


• Unity #1: The heroes of the resurrected Valiant universe come together to stop X-O Manowar before civilization is destroyed.

Other releases: 4 Guns #4, 12 Reasons Not to Die #4, A1 #6, Adventure Time: Candy Capers #5, All New Soulfire #1, Archer & Armstrong #15, Battlestar Galactica #5, Bettie Page in Danger #10, Bodie Troll #4, Chronos Commandoes: Dawn Patrol #5, Codename: Action #3, Crossed Badlands #41, Deathmatch #11, Garth Ennis' Red Team #6, Genie the Genius #2, Grimm Fairy Tales #91, Grimm Fairy Tales: Oz #4, Harbinger #18, Herobear & the Kid: Inheritance #4, It Came #4, The Legend of Molly Doves #1, Miss Fury #7, The Mocking Dead #3, Noir #1, Pathfinder #11, Protocol Orphans #1, The Shadow/Green Hornet: Dark Nights #5, Sons of Anarchy #3, Watson and Holmes #5.

Trade Paperbacks and Hardcovers

Dark Horse:

• Bandette Vol. 1: Presto: A fun-loving teen thief discovers someone in the criminal underworld wants her dead.

• Akaneiro: American McGee's reimagining of Red Riding Hood has her traveling through medieval Japan as a demon slayer.

Other releases: The Colossal Conan, Lone Wolf & Cub Omnibus Vol. 3, Sabertooth: Swordsman, Terminator: The Burning Earth.


• Injustice: Gods Amongst Us Vol. 1: One cruel trick by the Joker sets off a chain of reaction that will pit DC's greatest heroes against each other..

• Swamp Thing Vol. 3: The Green Kingdom. The "Rotworld" saga comes to a close, as Swamp Thing enlists Batman, Deadman and Poison Ivy to combat the Rot.

Other releases: Aquaman Vol. 2: The Others, Aquaman Vol. 3: Throne of Atlantis, Joe Kubert Presents, Red Lanterns Vol. 3: The Second Prophecy, Silver Age Teen Titans Archives Vol. 2.


• GI Joe: Future Noir: In the near future, five Joes are sent to Japan to battle Cobra in this scifi manga reinterpretation of the franchise.

• Star Trek Vol. 6: After Darkness: Kirk and his crew face a new foe immediately after the events of the recent movie.

Other releases: Haunted Horror, Star Trek: Stardate Collection Vol. 1, TMNT Villains Vol. 1, Transformers: IDW Collection Vol. 2: Red Label Edition, Transformers: More Than Meets the Eye Vol. 5.


• Son of Merlin Vol. 1: A professor at MIT has everything he thinks he knows shalen when he discovers he's Merlin the wizard's bastard.

Other releases: Bomb Queen Deluxe Edition Vol. 4, Chew Smorgasbord Edition Vol. 1.


• Thor: Sunlight and Shadows: When Yggdrasil decides Asgard no longer deserves to be one of the nine realms, three Thors and two Loki fight for the fate of their home.

• Wolverine: Sabretooth Reborn: Sabretooth gets, uh… reborn.

Other releases: Essential Daredevil Vol. 6, Hulk by Jeph Loeb Vol 1, Marvel MasterWorks Marvel Two-in-One Vol. 1, Marvel Universe Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes Digest Vol. 4, Thor: The Warriors Three Complete Collection, X-Men: Legacy Vol. 3: Revenants.


• Anything That Loves: A collection of indie comics about being gay, straight, and everything in-between.

• Solid State Tank Girl: Tank Girl enters her kangaroo man lover's bloodstream Fantastic Journey-style to destroy his illness, but finds Anti-Tank Girl waiting in his scrotum.

Other releases: 07 Ghosts Vol. 7, A Centaur's Life Vol. 1, Adventure Time: Sugary Shorts Vol. 1, Army of Darkness Vol. 2: The King Is Dead Long Live the Queen, Atomic Sheep, The Bionic Woman Vol. : Mission Control. Blue Morning Vol. 3, Dead Reckoning vol. 1: Contagion, Delusional, First Kingdom Vol. 2, Grimm Fairy Tales: Hunters: Shadowlands, Gold Pollen and Other Stories, Golden Age Glamour Vol. 1, Hip Hop Family Tree, Largo Winch Vol. 5: See Venice, Lavender Menace: Tales of Queer Villainy, Lies Are a Gentleman's Manners, Mayo Chicki Vol. 4, Moon & Blood Vol. 4, Old City Blues Vol. 2, Other Stories and the Horse You Rode In On, Red Sonja Omnibus Vol. 4, Red Sonja Vol. 12: Swords Against the Jade Kingdom, Rin-Ne Vol. 13, Senran Kagura: Skirting Shadows Vol. 1, Sherlock Holmes Vol. 2: Liverpool Demon, Shifter Vol. 1, Showa History of Japan 1926-1939, Snoopy Cowabunga, Spiritual Police Vol. 1, The Gloom, Triton of the Sea Vol. 2, Vampirella Vol. 4: Inquisition, Vinland Saga Vol. 1, World War Blue Vol. 3, Zombo: You Smell of Crime.

As usual, here's the list of everything being released to comic stores tomorrow, and you can find your nearest comic retailer here.