Science fiction and fantasy are full of great quotable phrases — but some are damn near irresistible. No matter how hard you struggle, these phrases worm their way into your consciousness. No matter how much you deny it, you let them back out. Here's a list of 10 phrases too good not to repeat.

10. "Make it so."

What it's from: Captain Picard's catch phrase in Star Trek: TNG


When you say it: When someone offers to order pizza two hours into your Star Trek: The Next Generation marathon.

9. "We're not in Kansas anymore."

What it's from: Wizard of Oz


When you say it: Took the wrong freeway offramp; hotel was seedier than previously imagined; only guy at a con not dressed like a Johnny Depp character. Take your pick. You've said it.


What it's from: The Tick

When you say it: I'm not exactly sure, but whenever it is, you and everyone around you better be damn drunk.

7. "I'm the best there is at what I do. But what I do isn't very nice."

What it's from: Wolverine's catch phrase from X-Men



When you say it: Just as you're about to swoop in and outbid someone on eBay at the very last second.

6. "Curse your sudden but inevitable betrayal!"

What it's from: Firefly

When you say it: When you got outbid on eBay at the last second because it turns out you're not the best there is.

5. "I know kung fu."

What it's from: The Matrix

When you say it: When you're in company and are talking about Keanu Reeves — ironically. As soon as you're alone — dead serious.

4. "You shall not pass!"

What it's from: Lord of the Rings



When you say it: Whenever you get your hands on a long stick and a stone to crack it against.

3. "Live long and prosper."

What it's from: Vulcan farewell from Star Trek

When you say it: When you honestly, touchingly, sweetly, and simply hope that the person you're saying it to will reply with, "Peace and long life."

2. "No, Luke. I am your father!"

What it's from: Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back (sort of)

When you say it: Any time, really. Everyone says it. The interesting thing is that most people say it wrong, and say it wrong deliberately. The actual line is, "No, I am your father," but good luck getting any non Star Wars freak to get it. The moment you add 'Luke' it becomes recognizable to all, but purists I've met swear they never say it that way.

1. "Hello. My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die."

What it's from: Princess Bride



When you say it: Twenty minutes after you saw The Princess Bride. With a ruler in your hand, and your only pair of boots while your very-much-alive father shaves in the bathroom down the hall. Oh please, like you weren't all dying to say this one as soon as you heard it.

A version of this list appeared back in 2011.